Apple unveils refreshed laptop line

With their usual flair Apple have unveiled a refreshed line of laptops. At a press conference at their Cupertino campus, a radical remodelling – inside and out was was launched to an enthusiastic mix of Apple employees and and members of the press. 

Showcasing a new and improved construction, the mac family of laptops will now be constructed from a single block of aluminium to form the outer shell. The screen is now universally backlit on all models, and Apple have worked with Nvidia to being out 2 different graphics cards to use with the laptop line, the Nvidia GeForce 9400M and 9600M GT respectively. 

The trackpad on the MacBookPro has been redesigned removing the bottom button, and now the whole trackpad is encased in glass and can be used as a button, and also has optional finger gestures that can be used to control the mac as shortcuts.