A mobile office - is it possible?

Interesting filming this afternoon for a project on mobile working.

We were using a Sony Vaio TT laptop, nice and small and very light.

A Vodafone Mobile Connect dongle and a Blackberry.

My very quick initial impressions are that its dead easy to find a coffee shop and get on line.

You can hook up online pretty easily anywhere with the Vodafone dongle… outside although if its via GPRS its a much slower browsing experience and trains aren’t great.

Today I was only checking Twitter and tweeting…. I know I can do that without a laptop, but I can’t get web access on my Blackberry, so it was useful to see what was going on.

I posted tweets at St Pauls, on the top of a London bus to Victoria, sitting on a bench on the South Bank and in a coffee shop near Blackfriars.

I didn’t try and doing anything else that may have needed more broadband speed… as we were filming, so it wasn’t really appropriate.

I will try other things out at another time as I am interested about the idea of a mobile office and is it really possible.

The other point I would raise already is its the little things that bother you. For example the chair I’m sitting on in a the Blue Posts pub in Carnaby St now is too low for the desk and my back is already hurting. The table has one leg shorter than the others, which is also a tad annoying.

More on the Sony and others mobile thoughts later.