Where are the high-flying women ? Not in IT that's for sure.


People have been campaigning for decades to make IT a more women-friendly profession. But, despite initiatives like the highly successful Computer Clubs for Girls which is inspiring girls at school with the possibilities of technology, talented women are giving IT a wide berth, the latest research from Harvey Nash shows.

The irony is that CIOs would really like to have more women on their teams. Over half say that women IT professionals help IT to bridge the much-talked about gap between IT and the rest of the business, and 48% say a mixed team improves cohesion and morale.

What’s going wrong ? Well, the Harvey Nash research suggests that women are simply avoiding the IT profession. Over 80% of CIOs say that they would like to hire women for roles, but simply can’t find qualified female candidates.

For more, download the Harvey Nash CIO Survey.

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