Targetting Medium Sized Professional Services Firms

Application Packages Spend.

R&D firms, with 100-999 employees, are each typically spending £140k on application packaged software during 2017.  In terms of individual company expenditure they are the biggest spenders amongst medium sized professional services firms.  Their spend level contrasts markedly with accountants where the corresponding value is only £32k.

There are 2,000 medium sized professional services companies in the UK.  Of these there are 140 R&D firms and 155 accountancy firms.  Real estate companies are the most numerous with a count of 405.  These companies have an average outlay of £80k which gives a total spend of £32m for all medium sized real estate enterprises.  This makes them by far the largest sub sector within the medium sized professional services market.


Source: IT & Telecom Spend by 80 Industry Sectors –



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