Huge interest in cloud security technologies 2013

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Most companies have plans to deploy cloud security technologies, which include products designed to secure cloud servers and data, in 2013. Some 62% are either using cloud security technologies already, are about to use them, or are evaluating them. Only 38% do not have plans to use cloud security technologies, despite the potential the offer for cost savings and efficiency gains.

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I think there are two primary drivers for the rapidly growing interest in cloud security technologies. First, as CIOs in companies around the world devise their strategies to move to the cloud, security looms large. They want the efficiencies, but they know they must be able to protect sensitive data, wherever it resides. Second, 2012 saw a dramatic escalation in the number of major data breaches. Why? Because data is the new currency. Given both the large financial costs and the significant brand reputation hit of a major security breach, CISOs have been told that making cloud servers and data secure is a business imperative. The interest in solutions that protect the sensitive data at the source has never been higher, so I fully expect that 62% figure to jump to 80% — or even 85% — in 2014.@SocialTIS
Thanks Tina. Cloud is definitely beginning to take off, but our its still a relatively small part of the IT budget. Security is still one of the biggest barriers to rolling out cloud. Our forthcoming IT Priorities 2013 research goes into this in more detail.