You'll bounce back

People keep saying to me that I’ll bounce back since I was bounced out of my last my job. Sometimes, like Tigger without Duracell, it seems there’s no bounce left. So why do some people bounce back from life’s hardships while others despair?
The nature of individual and even organisational resilience is a survival factor in who succeeds or fails. Three traits set resilient people apart.
1) Face up to things – Like Johnny did in ‘Boy named Sue.’
2) Find meaning in life – LIke Brian managed to ‘Always look on the bright side of life’.
3) Know when to Improvise – Like Rolf’s invention in ‘Tie me Kangaroo down Sport.’
However, if you just want to hide your head in the sand, try out Hoax Slayer  – it’s the perfect place to while away the hours.