Write the future now

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifWith the world in flux, the basis of power is moving from organisations to networks that have the ability to mobilise quickly, accomplish their goal, and then disperse. How do we respond in a world where funding is going down, money is tight but the social need is going to go up? How are these needs to be met?  Our contribution can be by empowering more social networks and not clunky, bureaucratic organisations.

Many industries are woefully inefficient and siloed. Now it’s time to change. There are huge inefficiencies in the way organisations manage workflow internally and also how they collaborate. One-to-one communications like email remain king. One-to-many collaborative tools like wikis, internal blogs and micro-blogs are still not in widespread use. We need to break down walls by ushering in new tools in that enable employees to connect with each other. Now is the time to become more efficient, open and collaborative.