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thumb_white.gifLast night ‘English humorist, writer, wit, actor, novelist, filmmaker and television presenter’, Stephen Fry presented ‘Stephen Fry in America’. This is one of many BBC programmes currently focussed on the US in the final run up to the American election. 

Of all the montages that the first episode covered a short interview with legendary Wikipedia founder  Jimmy Wales caught my atention. During this segment he affirmed that the total number of Employees at Wikipedia is 10. 

If ever there was an underlining of the Social in Web 2.0 technologies this is it. We all know that Wikipedia is driven by its contributors however the light touch of the centre is truly impressive and a testament to the power, flexibility and scalability of the emerging technologies.

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Keep in mind some of the reasons a few of the employees were let go! One dared to question a massage parlor on Jimbo's expense report. One couldn't seem to find his way to important meetings with million-dollar grant benefactors. And another was wanted on felony charges in the state of Virginia. Amazing that they can get so much drama packed into such a small staff, indeed.