Why UK SMEs will not use SaaS Desktop productivity

thumb_white.gifIt was our monthly meeting yesterday and the usual chatter settled on a discussion around the use of the likes of Google Docs, Zoho, Acrobat and suchlike 

I for one am impressed with the level of capability that is already manifested in these offerings, however Gareth brought me to task with regard to the network infrastructure that is in place in many small UK businesses at present.
“Too many cooks soil our available bandwidth”

That phrase is never going to get into common usage, it’s not exactly snappy or memorable, the point being is that most UK SME have (much) less bandwith than I am using at home today. With this low level of basic connectivity and then add to it from four to twenty users with a highly contended up and downstream components, insufficient back-haul and SLA’s that make Argos deliveries look reliable and it won’t be long before these same businesses realise that our UK infrastrucutre is just not ready for this sea change in operational mode.
“More talk less speed”

There is much industry discussion right now centred around a massive national deployment of fibre. This initiative when it happens is a pre-requisite to get SaaS services broadly accepted in the SME sector.
SaaS offers modern SMEs an a la carte solution model that will be hard to resist, but without the infamous ‘information super-highway’ that has been long promised but always lagged in delivery true SaaS will remain a promise and not a reality in the UK.

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