Web 2.0 - creating digital lightening rods

thumb_white.gifIn the old days waiting for the sun to shine when on holiday normally meant reading some trashy paperback, those days are past. This morning I have been listening to a well researched BBC World Service program on Social Networking impacts on business. The nugget I picked up from this program was the importance of anti company / organisation Facebook Groups or Websites, A contributor noted how useful these sites are to gain insight on what a company is doing badly and then build strategies to address shortcomings.

It struck me that smart companies would start setting up there own ‘anti’ sites and groups, using these to both galvanise access to negative practises and then allow improvements to be reported on. The point was well made that to be effective these sort of sites must not be censored and that some comments which would in other media be actionable – in the new world order must be left to lie. As the old adage goes sometimes you have to be ‘cruel to be kind’.

So with sites such as I hate Google, I hate Microsoft, I hate Lotus, and I hate Apple proliferating other companies need to buy into these ‘back’ channels of communication and therefore in order to be successful, you need to be hated.

I think this is a useful insight and we need to harness and exploit.