Unified Messaging

I’ve just completed a research session on Unified Messaging. It’s a buzz term that’s been around for some years if not a decade. Then it was a solution looking for a problem. Now it looks a more cohesive story.

All the people in the research group agreed on one point – everybody had a different view on what the term meant. The concensus was that messaging is changing and getting a handle the strategic direction communications are moving in is a moving target. At the moment the best one can do is ensure the infrastructure is future proof for the convergance of all the data streams. The main headache is deciding on a path that’s going to allow for integration between all the elements involved that as yet don’t come from one supplier. S.I.P. or Session_Initiation_Protocol seems to be something worth getting your head round https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_Initiation_Protocol