Tower of Babel 2.0?


I have been wondering about the viability of the plethora of social communication tools that seems are emerging at a rate that is frankly un-supportable in all but the short term. 
The desire to communicate is fabulous however are we really achieving any fundamental ideals?
After the flood the people tried to reach the heavens and then:

Genesis 11:4. God seeing what the people were doing, confused their languages and scattered the people throughout the earth.

I wonder if in a non-spiritual way we are descending into a confusion of communication out of our own technical hubris and being slaves to the medium, not masters of it?

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I agree Ian but isn't this a common path to adoption, with only early adopters experiencing these problems. Surely, only the most successful communication mediums will survive and pass through to mass adoption. By the way love Michael's story about putting his pants on back to front.... had us chuckling in the office!
Point well made. But if you take the last great information revolutions: essentially in the case of SMS, there were no competing technologies and in the case of email there were a few challengers but dominant standards emerged pretty quickly. The problem over the last year or so is that more challengers are arriving which are slowing or even blocking a dominant, unifying standard (de facto or otherwise) emerging. This may of course not matter! ps I am not commenting on Mickey's pants