Top 5 tips for home working (what not to do)

The following is a list of what not to do / have / think about when working from home. In the interests of full disclosure I will rate myself for each one:

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1) Do not have chocolate biscuits (cookies) at homefail
When working on projects, chocolate makes you feel good and increases your girth thus both distracting you from reality and making your clothes shrink at the same time.
2) Respond to unsolicited messages of love arriving via IMfail
If you want a relationship with a 69 year old from the former Soviet Union go ahead – on the other hand it might be a scam.
3) Own a radio and listen to talk stations fail

The desire to shout at an ignorant presenter or participant is often overwhelming and is often a source of distraction to the task in hand
4) Look up something in Google – fail
You may find the answer to your query but the likelihood is that you will be distracted by an entry on narrow gauge steam locomotives in the the Andes (or similar)
5) Click on ‘Update my Computer now’  (or similar message) – fail
At best you will lose two hours of valuable work time, at worst you will need to rebuild your system from a backup you should have taken last night.

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- Still in dressing gown at 6pm -- Fail. Especially for the poor postwoman or courier asking for a signature - Eating directly from the fridge. Whilst on a teleconference. Fail. - Running four separate computers, trying to do four complex things at once. Fail. Just clear the desk, do one good thing at a time. Especially if your a bloke. - Twitter. Fail. I dont WANT to know when your last bowel movement was. If you have something interesting to say, say it on your blog and I'll find it via RSS next time I feel like it. If I want to know what your doing right now, I'll call you. 'Twitter is the bowel movement of Web 2.0' (c) Bill Buchan. ---* Bill 'Eating from the fridge, wearing his dressing gown, glancing at the other computers" Buchan
I spent about eight months home-working a few years back, and it was long enough to teach me I probably wasn't cut out to freelance as I'm far too easily distracted - the above all ring true, plus for me: - Fancy a cup of tea, discover I'm out of milk, pop across the road to the corner shop - Fail. The corner shop also sells chocolate, leading back to Ian's first point. And it sells magazines. In shared thirtysomething anguish I realise I must know about Jennifer Aniston's latest heartbreak, right now... An hour later I've read the magazine, and ended up online shopping for the earrings I must have featured on page 57... - Luncthime. Decide to watch Neighbours while eating lunch (maybe it's not on at lunchtime now, but it was then...) - Fail. End up watching Doctors and Diagnosis Murder too... And losing nearly three hours in the process. - Pop the laundry into the machine so it can do its work while I do mine - Fail. End up doing washing up, scrubbing bath, sorting cupboards... Funnily enough, while I normally hate doing my household chores, they become extremely attractive when the alternative is work. End result used to be that I was deskbound from nine or ten in the morning till midnight nearly every day in order to polish off my eight or so hours work a day, because of all the distractions I'd given into... Which actually led to quite a poor work-life balance as I could never go out in the evenings - I was still making up for the day's missed work... Much as I like the idea of freedom and independence, I think I'm more productive as an office-based employee! Although... perhaps a top tip on what not to do when working in the office: 1. Read latest blog posts from our contributors - Fail. End up spending far too long writing a comment! [Off to edit some photo stories now...]
I seem to have the opposite problem here - knowing when to stop work. Not switching the phone to voicemail after 6pm - fail Just nipping back to check one last email at 10.30 and still working on it an hour later - fail And the worst distraction of all - living somewhere that seems to have continual building work and having kids off school on so-called 'study leave'. This morning had a removal lorry & workmen chatting outside the front window - man demolishing a garage to loud music at the back and teenager watching garbage TV in the next room .. aggh - fail!
Home office should have an automatic power-cut-off that can't be over-ridden !
Get up at midday. Switch the computer on, but first job is to read the papers online. Eventually start work around 3pm. Still be working at 3am. Repeat.
Great hints:D Although I don´t agree with all of them. Tip Nr. 1 should be enlarged on alcohol, heroin, crack and other drugs as well. Tip 2 and 5 are the most important in my eyes and although funny formulated, right, very important and even more recommended!
This is hillarious. Rebecca - LOL!