Time Management - the modern land enclosure

Home Working is on the agenda again. While telecommuting, ticks all the right boxes re: cost saving and green practice etc., it remains controversial. Employers concerns include worrying if the company’s insurance extend coverage to other locations? How will they keep company information secrets safe? And what happens if tele-employees injuries themselves at home? 

These justifiable concerns (not yet addressed in current employment law) are cover for the bug that plagues employers i.e. not knowing if an employee is working on personal matters on company time – that deep-seated fear that someone, somewhere is enjoying themselves – the embodiment of the Puritan work ethic.

You could liken today’s modern working practices in demanding people turn-up and attend for set hours at a set place as a similar injunction on our freedom of movement as the Land Enclosure Act of the 17th & 18th Century. Let’s hope the current upheaval may change that attitude.  

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