The power of collaboration supports the spoken word

Last week a combination of Twitter and YouTube launched a minor British politician from the backwater of Brussels and Strasbourg. Daniel Hannan, Consevative MEP, on to the world stage.

If you are not one of the 1,600,000 million who have already seen it you can check it out here. 
Two aspects of this are quite revealing. Firstly even in the political duck pond that the European parliament normally represents, the power of social technologies can deliver  exceptional oratory to an audience that has normally been completely ‘out of the loop’. Secondly, and a bit worryingly, when I went to get the embed code to post into this blog I found my page search sponsored by the BNP (a british fascist-lite party). 
The power for good of the web is equally capable of delivering bad, we have always to both listen to powerful messages clearly and fairly delivered by what ever means but at the same time guard ourselves from extremism especially when it is insidious.