The name has changed to protect the innocent

thumb_white.gifIT people know that the one thing you should never do if you want to retain access to all your applications, is change your name. Today one of my companies changed its name, from one nonsensical moniker to another. We risked more than just access to applications but we had two companies and now they are one, so one name had to go. Lincoln Burnett Associates vanished.

There was no Mr Lincoln and no Mr Burnett anyway. They were names we made up; both very middle England and corporate names. They were always too busy to turn up at even the most demanding clients. They were our whipping boys, and they didn’t draw much salary. But they made us sound like an accounting firm which we are not.

A couple of years ago we considered what to call a new spin-off that was to have a slightly different focus. Should we call that company what it does? What if we want to do something different a few years down the road? We went all very customer benefity and landed on a theme that gets a mention in every IT supplier’s datasheet. Time. It’s the one resource you can’t buy, unless you have some staff working in space at close to light speed, but if you had that you’d be rich and they’d have an awful commute. And would they charge you overtime?

We decided on the name elastictime – very e. e. cummings and paradoxical. A class swot of a nod to Einstein. A company that could buy time. Perhaps that’s a bit of stretch. Maybe helping people to do things a little differently and so save a bit of time so they can spend it on thinking up thier own nonsensical brand names.

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