The fight is on

Over the last six months I have become more and more interested in how political web 2.0 polemics will play in the run up to our general election next May(?).

Political and politicised blogging has increased in leaps and bounds over the last 12 months (Derek Draper being a famous casualty of blogger Guido Fawkes), The Prime Mentalist (ooh I am pinning my colours to the mast) infamous YouTube spoof   – no I forgot it was supposed to be serious and the levels of Twittery that have reach extraordinary levels but it this getting in the consciousness of the connected electorate?

Does the average British give a sod about the blogs of the ‘great and the good’ and is the Millennial generation taking any notice of web or are they sticking to the reporting to be found in the ‘Metro’?

The most active voice I could ascertain in the ‘resign‘ petition on No 10’s own website, this e-Petition has now got in excess of 68,000 signatories with Facebook Groups trailing along way behind with a couple of thousand members of for or anti groups about the maximum..

With the expense revelations (mostly) behind us it will be interesting to see what breaks through the web or conventicle media and how the blog/twitter sphere reacts to it.

And when campaigning really starts in earnest lets us see how the first British election that could be really affacted by web technology plays out.

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