TechEd Developers - Day 4 - Disaster Zones

thumb_white.gifToday’s first disaster surrounded my consumption last night of cheap red wine on an empty stomach. This combination led to a very restless night and a self-promise ‘never to do it again’.

On a more positive front Jim Moffat’s blog led me to some important content regarding the recent ‘Eagle One’ disaster simulation exercise in the Netherlands. The ability to deploy rapidly has proved one key aspect of MS Groove’s versatility, this was most widely recognized in the benefits it offered in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

You can check out a short video describing the success of using a combination of GIS and Groove technology to support this important civil defense exercise below or click through to a white paper on the excerise here. |If you want to read a white paper on Groove and Katrina you will find one here.

Due to my late inclusion to the event team the only available flight back to the UK is at 09:30 tomorrow morning. So there will be no coverage of tomorrows goings on at Tech-Ed and I get an early escape. I hope I am not too rough by the time I reach home.