Tasty Social Networking

Thumbnail image for thumb_white.gifOn Monday night, BBC’s Dragons Den introduced the world to ifoods.tv (not ifood.tv more about that later) after they sought  a large amount of funding from the investor panel. 

Two engaging Irish guys (Niall and Sean) have introduced a narrowcast service that features professionally produced videos of chef Niall cooking easy to follow classic recipes. In addition to this the site contains content supplied by registered members. They have blogged on their TV experience here.  
The site looks nice, its a little light on content at present but is a really good mix of Web 2.0 techniques in a user friendly (and mouth watering) package.
They failed to convince the investors to put up the required amount when the panel learnt of the similarly named ifood.tv right before the close. This is a bit sad as the sites are essentially different iFoods is professionally led environment and iFood is mostly self help and links to other sources catering to a primarily a US audience.
It does highlight the problem of a number of similar services practically sharing names across multiple TLDs. For ordinary users finding the ‘real’ site, or even one they are looking for is becoming more and more of a problem. With the pending further liberalisation of Top Level Domains more power will transfer to Google or other search engines as we try to find the site we are looking for.