Swine flu and business continuity

Organisations should ensure that remote working and collaboration tools are ready to scale to meet higher rates of absenteeism in the event of an outbreak of Swine flu. The unfolding situation is an “indicator to pay attention” to business continuity plans.

Handling Swine flu from an IT perspective is about enabling people to continue to work together or collaborate with reduced levels of face-to-face interaction. It is imperative to have work-from-home capabilities ready for staff. Executives need to think about how they would do business if the level of face-to-face contact with customers and staff drops dramatically.

However, it is almost too late for companies without remote working tools to put them in place in time unless you appoint someone to stay on top of the issue. If anyone is looking for advice on this matter no better place to start than with Ian White and myself, Michael Pincher. We’ve been here before and can help implement business continuity strategies pretty quick – call me on 07923691849 anytime if you need any help.

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The Florida state government CIO Council created a pandemic committee in 2006. Its website is one of the best in the world for IT professionals, CIOs/CTOs and others to get smart -- quickly -- on what to prepare for and how to prepare. It includes a checklist for IT directors to use when assessing their own readiness, as well as the readiness of the agency they work for. Well done. Scott McPherson Tallahassee, FL www.scottmcpherson.net
I agree with Michael that home and flexible working is the key solution for maintaining business as usual during the swine flu pandemic. I also agree that organisations are being slow in adopting flexible working and that leaving it to the last minute will inevitably mean that customer service will be adversley affected. When organisations consider adopting flexible working and employing the latest IT technology to achieve it, they must also consider how they are going to offer a seamless service via the telephone, considering that employees won't be in the office to answer customers' calls. My top ten tips for home working during the pandemic helps explain how easy it is to offer a seamless service even when employees are working from home.http://www.gematech.com/blog/2009/07/28/swine-flu-top-ten-tips-for-employing-home-working-during-the-pandemic/
I think that swine flu was a simple conspiracy by the government. Many of my friends believe that it was designed to eradicate people, however I think it was just hyped by the media who were controlled by those corporations who were the ones that sold the vaccines to the many different governments.