Stretching rules till they break

There’s lots of talk about the rules stretched by the people that impose laws on us. The difference between a rule and a law is that laws are enforced by law. Rules are made by groups and are administered by them, laws are made by governments and enforced by the justice system. While you can stretch a rule you can only break a law.

As I’ve blogged before, we live in a Mt Olympus culture. There are those above the cloud line living like gods where an expense, preferment and bonus culture applies – the clouds have parted for a moment giving us a clear insight into Olympian shenanigans. In all cases the rules have been stretched to breaking point.

It’s time to lay down the law and, in the euphemism used so often by these ersatz gods, create a level playing field. We’re bored with watching own goals – let’s have an election and score some of our own.