Software rots - Do you?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifThings deteriorate over time if you don’t do maintenance – even software. One item that needs upkeep is your online identity. Many of us go onto sites — social networking or otherwise — and type in details about ourselves (true or not) and there they remain for perpetuity. I just received an update from Plaxo, a site about which I had forgotten – only my details were wrong but also those of some of my connections, including my son Edward, an i-generationer and headhunter now at Amos and Bailey, rather than the previous company cited in his details.

In the future there may be some identity management for the Web where you can be in control of one single version of who you are; until then, do the housekeeping on your on-line registrations. If you don’t, that flattering and ever anticipated call from someone trying to recruit you for the job you’ve always dreamt of, may not come your way. 



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Michael, See This is the best briefing, but it's 51 minutes
D'oh... copied the url address at the top of the browser, which was for the frameset, not the specific video. Look here instead:
I'd love to see us entrusting our identities, profile information and social graphs to independent web services which then "lend" those identitied to social networking sites when we log in. That would ensure that you only need to update one record of who you are and who you know. That said, until that happens it is always going to be easier to rely on information on sites like Plaxo, Facebook, LinkedIn and WeCanDo.BIZ where the information being viewed can be updated by the person it relates to, rather than Outlook or a phone book entry which after storage is rarely edited, only read. Ian Hendry CEO, WeCanDo.BIZ