Savaged by a dead sheep

thumb_white.gifThe Register has just reported on a  ‘attack’ on the Notes installed base. If this was coming from SAP, Oracle or even Microsoft (again) then it might have some credence. But its the typical ‘ yeah, we’ll just convert the applications’ crapola. 

Many have tried, few have succeeded and I really do not believe Salesforce are going to be the ones to deliver a Notes coup de grace.
IBM has many problems protecting its Notes/Domino market but this is 2008 and I remember having a breakfast meeting with Steve Ballmer in 1995 when a group of us were told that Exchange (4.0!) was going to kill Notes. We have all passed much water since then and like ol’ man river, Notes keeps rolling along. 
Death will not be announced, it will be sudden, swift and from an unexpected direction – but not from