Sarah Palin - Wow, and it not just the glasses


Far be it for me, a Brit, to comment on US Politics (we have enough of our own thank you), but this recent report sort of encapsulates how around 50% of the US feels.
‘Palin Brushing Up On Foreign Policy At Epcot 
SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 

ORLANDO, FL–Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin sought to silence those who have criticized her lack of foreign affairs experience Tuesday by announcing plans for a weeklong, 10-nation tour of Walt Disney World’s Epcot. According to Palin, the trip–her first past Frontierland–will include speaking engagements at Norway’s famous Viking ride, sausages at Germany’s Kaufhaus, and, time permitting, a fact-finding mission to Future World. “This ambitious trip should finally demonstrate that I am ready to assume the vice presidency, whether by standing in long lines at Morocco’s Tangierine Café or by sitting down face-to-face with Mexico’s Three Caballeros,” Palin announced during a campaign stop outside a Chinese restaurant in Tulsa, OK. “All of our neighbors deserve good diplomacy, from the Universe of Energy down to the French pavilion.” Palin also promised a visit to the American Adventure exhibit before returning home, adding that she hoped to learn more about her own nation and the diverse peoples within.”
I would like to thank the Onion for providing on this bad day an item worth reading for just of a bit of levity amongst all the gloom.

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like what is Obamas foreign policy credentials again? A charity visit to Kenya to see his brother living on 1 dollar per day, (while writing legislation for the rest of us to pay for 30 million illegal immigrants heath-care)? A vacation in Germany in which he avoids to meet with wounded solders, the ones he wanted to cut funding for? Or how about his planned visits to Iran to talk to the leaders with no conditions (while arranging only to meet with scary fox news Bill O. under certain conditions)? Well at least Sarah had to deal with a moose a time our too, probably more militant experience than obama, but who is keeping track?