Recession-proof website # Tip 5 Cliché Control

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifThe jazz trumpeter Chet Baker never played a cliché. I’m an average guitarist and play them all the time. What characterises a cliche is its trite connotation. It’s when you know how a musical phrase or sentence ends – this is a typical one from a supplier site “… develop long-term relationships with clients, to become a trusted partner and work as an extension of their organisation“. Jumble the words and you can get thousands of hits for this meaningless statement.

Like stock shots, if your website is full of stock phrases it will mark you out as a ‘lazy organisation’ with little original to offer. Now, while necessity is the mother of invention it’s time to rally ’round the flag as winning isn’t every thing, it’s the only thing but it’s important not to cut of your nose to spite your face as you can run but you can’t hide and give the impression the lights are on but no one’s home.

Web sites are the perfect place to play ‘Bullshit Bingo’ – make sure yours isn’t the one visitors call “House.”

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