Ray Ozzie talks! - to the Beeb

thumb_white.gifI watched the live stream from the PDC Keynotes for both days 1&2. From my reading of the Twitosphere, many felt that Ozzie’s pitch too much like marketing flim-flam. To me it seemed that he was spelling out – clearly – a vision of Microsoft’s direction. And as behoves his role letting others fill in the detail.

Based on the comments I read following the keynote yesterday the sentiment could be characterised as one of an Israelite buttonholing Moses after down from coming from Sinai saying, ‘ Hey Moshe, its all very well you telling me not to covet, but what about the small print, I want more detail!’ .
Not enough Ray‘ has been the clamour from a vocal few for a couple of years, well that has changed over the last couple of days and I suspect it will continue.
According to those who know, Ray does not like talking to the press, well maybe the BBC’s adoption of Silverlight has oiled the PR wheels has he gave a reasonable interview to the Beeb here.
Based on what I know and have seen of Ray in the past Microsoft has chosen the right man to be Chief Software Architect. Now we have to deliver