Open letter to IBM Lotus - postscript - challenging all who really care

thumb_white.gifDo blogs matter, well maybe in the IBM universe they do… Ed Brill is one of IBMs most influential bloggers (as an IBM employee) and his reactions to my last post have stirred a fair amount of comment. Interestingly he directly quoted me (below) in his blog:

It is clear from even the most casual observation to see that the funds now being invested in product development are at a rate not seen for a decade. As much as I applaud this turnaround it seems that although the factory is running at 100% capacity the marketing strategy as to which customers should be buying the output and more importantly why they should be buying which piece of the output seems to have gone walkabout. Looking on at a distance, how all the pieces fit together within an ‘over arching’ structure frankly seems completely absent.

I have been impressed at the level of rational discussion engendered as a result of the excerpt quoted in his blog, however I am disappointed at the shortage of constructive suggestions generated. As a blogger its always nice when people agree with you and often as nice when they don’t!

So the challenge is to those who care – come up with some pithy positioning (try to say that drunk) so that the senior IBM dudes who I know are reading this and other blogs can be inspired to do better than they are at the moment.

Ideas as responses to this post please

ps the emphasis is still on the why

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Ian, Ed, there has been a plethora of suggestions over the course of this topic, in Ed's blog and here, but really should it not be up to the marketing "professionals" at IBM/Lotus to come up with these? Mind you... I suppose that is what it's all about then, the apparent inability of the IBM/Lotus marketing folks to put together a truely effective markeing campaign aimed at the user base, and not the choir. Showing "concepts" to folks doesn't work. Look, if Macy's wants to sell something, they put it in the front window, they don't just describe what it's like in the display. My post rant idea? Show the R8 client, in all it's glory, on TV, on buses, in Stuff magazine, on G4. Get the word out about the "new Lotus". Hey, it may not be "new" to us but it will be "new" to the folks that thought it was already dead. "This is not your father's Lotus Notes" Bring back Dennis Leary!!! Thanks for doing this topic Ian. Sorry to rant again Ed.
I vote for bring back Leary because it was about the sizzle but delivered with style. Personally (if supportable) some headlines like 'Companies who use Lotus are more profitable' and 'Public bodies who use Lotus are more efficient' or 'Be more productive with Lotus' The brand is about collaboration from an IT perspective but from the business perspective in 2008 and beyond is must be about profitability / efficiency / agility That my rant, so long as IBM is populated by rejects from the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation then like the lifts we might as well hide in the basement (email me for clarification those who do not understand this reference)... fancy a cup of tea?