No Spares for our Strategic Infrastructure

I blogged recently about BT unable to deliver broadband to my fathers house. The saga continued when we found out that the problem was with the BT hub router at the exchange behind the Half Way House Inn on the Hungerford to Newbury Road (someone visited it) as the ‘brown-out’ was effecting lots of people in the district whose livelihood relied on an internet connection. 

After complaining to the Executive Chairman’s office we were assured that the faulty component would be replaced on July 30 as the part need to come from overseas. Whether it was or wasn’t, the problem of intermittent internet connectivity continues.

If I was writing about the Outer Hebrides, there would be little excuse but we’re talking M5 corridor. It seems spare parts have to be imported from China on a needs basis.

While we have a strategic stockpile of nuclear weapons it appears there is no stock of vital infrastructure equipment on which the Prime Minister can rely to deliver his ‘Digital Britain vision for economic recovery. Let this be a warning.