MPs IT Expense Claims

Poor old MPs – what fools they’ve been – again! I have just received an unverified but plausible spreadsheet of all their expenses 

MPs_expenses_07-08(1).xls. Under the heading of IT, the average expense is just £1,196 in a range of £26 – £1,962. What does this tell us?

Firstly, that few of them realised how easy it would have been to claim much more for IT and get away with it without raising the public ire – everyone knows IT is expensive..

Secondly, what a bunch of laggards they are in using technology to:
1) Reduce Travel
2) Communicate with their i) constituents ii) each other

Thirdly, knowing that MP aren’t bargain hunters, are they using bootleg software? It’s apparent that they’re not using dubious spreadsheets for expenses otherwise how could so many “mistakes” have been made!