Length Matters

thumb_white.gifI was travelling along a very nice wide Spanish motorway this week when I wondered how far it was to the next major town (Toledo as I recall). I could see the signs for towns and cities in the same direction but at no point was the distance indicated.

Further investigation on other motorways showed no Km signs anywhere in sight. Maybe this is a Madrid thing or maybe I am just going blind but it seemed odd to me.

I have driven across major roads on three continents and have never noticed this before. But it did cause me to consider how our life and business destinations are driven by markers and our progress alongside these is key to ‘knowing’ where we are.

Not having the feedback is quite distracting even if it is only from an inanimate object. Whether it is our pension pot, business division profitability, software build number or some other gauge of progress they all are important is some way and if they are not around it is quite distracting.

If anyone can point out if the lack of markers in Spain is generic or only localised I would be grateful.

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