Legacy Infrastructure

thumb_white.gifThere is nothing like a train journey to help focus thoughts.

On Friday I and my better half took the local train to Ventimiglia inj order to enjoy its famous market. After the 50th bag stall frankly it all becomes a bit of a blur (to me).

We took the train along the coast as it has the best views of the Riviera. Built by the Victorians they grabbed the best panoramas because of the route that the track has as it winds its way along the coast – personally I recommend the stunning views of Beaulieu sur Mer.

Every so often a grand villa, isolated by the railway from the coast, comes into view. More often than not these are in terminal decay because of their location and now they stand as a signpost to the effects of ‘progress’.

But railways themselves (in some places) isolated canals and they themselves have been isolated by Motorways (Freeways) and Air travel but have re-emerged with the recent resurgence of specialised high speed links.

Right now there is a battle going on in Nice between supporters of a new Paris to Nice high speed line whether to choose the North or South routes. This in itself will cause the current route to loose a huge amount of traffic and maybe its importance as a result.

Railways, Roads, Canals are all infrastructure much in the same way as networks, systems and technology have been of the last 50 years. I think the past hold a clear message for the future. However ‘current’ you think you and your chosen technologies are, inevitably the infrastructure you hold dear will be bypassed, re-vitalised or even become completely obsolete.

Enjoy what you have got because it won’t last – you will become that isolated grand villa unless you move on