Its the end of the Web as we know it

thumb_white.gif The big buzz over the last few days has been the ‘news’ that Microsoft might be purchasing both the Yahoo search business and the Facebook everything business. MS have the cash however they need to radically improve their presence in the Web 2.0 environment and without doubt they have the management cohones to do both deals.

Scoble has an interesting and maybe persuasive argument why these might be a couple of great transactions for Microsoft and potentially bad ones for the rest of us. His argument centres on the spat between Facebook and Google. Facebook is stopping Google spidering some public content it is publishing. Robert postulates that with so many people (especially the Net generation) using Facebook as a principle method of communication if a MS/Yahoo/FB search engine was the only one that could include key FB content this would be of massive ‘us and them’ significance in the way the Web and our relationship with its players pans out over the next few years.

In the meantime no deal has been announced, so it is just a game of wait and see for the moment.


Many apologies for grammatical and spelling howlers this morning (most of which I hope I have removed) a result of a hastily composed and published blog entry. Mea culpa

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