Its not just any data, its M&S data


Marks and Spencer knows how to deliver a compelling message, millions of waistbands across Europe will testify to its effectiveness, however its laptops are as compelling as its food and clothing are to thieves.
As reported in Computer Weekly M&S has had to implement an expensive, across the enterprise strategy to demonstrate to the UK Information Commissioner that it now has a locked down data environment on its laptops and furthermore to avoid potentially embarrassing enforcement proceedings after a critical theft.
OK, so that’s the Enterprise done, so M&S what about all those partners you share data with how can you ensure they are locked down to your level?
I suspect its about time M&S looked at what’s on offer in the collaborative space for secure, partner to partner team sharing such as Notes or Groove. If they already have them then they are not using them properly, if they are not using any then now is the time to start investigating.
If you are not in the UK and are curious for the origin of the title watch and listen to the advert below:

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