Is Apple screwing IBM over? - check the cold cuts

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Sorry for the language but in this case is seems entirely appropriate. 
It is alleged that Steve J. switched his allegiance from IBM Power PC processors to Intel after Big Blue failed to produce a suitable G5 chip for portables that had been promised. SJs  temper is legendary and he is known to hold a grudge. That grudge may now be, like chickens, coming home to roost. 
Back in January it was widely expected that that a mobile mail client closely integrated with the Lotus Notes/Domino platform would be announced, instead the Lotus cognesenti were stunned by the cozying up between Microsoft and Apple. 
On Monday of this week Apple announced further deeper, strategic support for the Microsoft Exchange platform with the iPhone 2.0. 
Is this a case of Apple serving IBM a cold dish of revenge?
This announcement puts IBM under severe pressure. Lotus maven, Ed Brill is valiantly  defending the line, but with the iPhone now becoming a legitimate Enterprise device some of the bastions of Notes will come under pressure from senior Executives to deliver an ‘integrated’ messaging solution.
I can feel many Notes and Domino stalwarts frustration at what this alliance of strange bedfellows (Apple and MS) is doing to threaten their beloved platform. Unless IBM gets it act together really soon trouble will be heading into town. 
This is not just bad news for IBM though, folks at RIM are going to be looking at this and noting that really will have to up their game.  
The trouble with all of this is that its not just about technology, cost, security, architecture or the 101 other things that make alternate solutions better. The iPhone is ‘cool’ and all other contenders are not – period.
Sparks are going to fly – no point in predicting what will give, other than waiting for the fun to start.