IBM says "Its our ball and we are not playing - so there'


I wish IBM was in charge of running Formula 1, if it was then Lewis Hamilton would probably be many points ahead of where he is today and heading for motor racing glory.
Following the acrimony surrounding the ratification of OOXML, IBM, like many in motor sport, has decided that the deck is stacked, and therefore it may be time to leave the table in search of a new game. The NY Times documents the big issues here.
Exactly what Microsoft did or did not do during the ISO process has become shrouded in the mists of time and challenges. However what IBM does not do is patently obvious. It has forgotten how to nurture and build real relationships at both micro and macro levels across countries, industries and business sectors. Because of the loss of its influence in many areas IBM is now experiencing being at the nasty end of a marketing leviathan.
With all of this going on I know I should feel a bit of sympathy for IBM, and I do for some individuals, but I have seen what Big Blue can do when it has a mind to.
For a number of years I worked with hardware and software from ICL and I watched IBM squeeze the lifeblood and customers out of this once great company that eventually sold itself to Fujitsu to achieve some sort of survival. Now the biter has been bit.
It is a hard world out there and IBM is no stranger to playing hardball, so crying ‘foul’ when it suits you will like F1 not always get you the result you think you deserve.

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