I have just got in touch with my 'feminine' side

thumb_white.gifWe went to see Kylie Minogue on Saturday night at the O2 Arena. 

I am not sure about some of the new material but the classic songs work really well.The girl works like a trouper and deserves her 15 minute break in the middle of the show. 
As you can imaging the o2 was full of a mixed bunch – young and old, straight and gay and many people from around the Thames Estuary. A very rich and varied cross-section of UK concert go-ers.
Kylie does not have a huge amount to say to the audience mostly ‘London’ every 15 minutes or so, and that is randomly spread among songs – but it always raised a cheer. 
Hey everyone ‘London!’ – woooo
The show was a series of tableaux, with costume changes about every 3 songs. The image went from Vamp, to Dominatrix, on to Adam Ant and Elegant. Her dresser must be a magician.
The o2 acoustic is great, the food in the VIP section is varied and tasty and the parking horrific (again). However compared to the nightmare on the tube on Wednesday night going to see Michael Bublé I think I did OK.
Lastly if you have an interest in soft S&M Kylie is definitely for you, however disappointingly I did not catch a glance of Max Mosely – damn. 

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