"I Am" Orange - "I Was" Yellow

thumb_white.gifThey say that nothing is new under the sun. IBM Lotus must be flattered as here in the UK telco Orange is running an ‘I am’ campaign that could have been inspired by the noteworthy ‘I am’ campaign for Lotus R5 in 1999 (I wonder who the copywriters were / worked for ?). 

You can see an original Lotus ‘ I am’ ad here and the new version from Orange here.
I noticed the launch of the Orange campaign a couple of months ago and meant to blog about it then as in many ways it epitomises both social and business collaboration… the only trouble is I am really not sure Orange or any of the other mobile telco operators really ‘get’ collaboration – they seem to be caught between their role as infrastructure providers and service providers with pretty well only enterprise driven solutions or the likes of Facebook bridging the gap.
I am no sage when it comes to mobile operators however with the large scale deployment of new technologies (such as WiMax) these operators are really going to have to pull something more out of the bag other than smooth advertising.

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Aren't the telcos just emulating IBM's Middleware is everywhere campaign as well :-)
Sounds of head banging against wall