Happy 10th Birthday Google, but will you make it to your 20s


This weekend was Google’s 10th birthday and the first 10 years of its life have been that of a child prodigy. Breaking out from a garage to a massive worldwide corporation can only envied by any of us who have made efforts (successful and unsuccessful) at being entrepreneurs.
The question now to be asked is ‘has the the Google-child become too precocious’. From Search to Google Desktop, Yo utube to Analytics is it all a bit too much?
Computerworld has published a very interesting article examining the potential pitfalls that Google could be facing over the next few years. The article highlights a number of issues facing Google right now.
“Don’t be evil” the company’s famous motto may already have been compromised in the deal it did with the Chinese leadership. The question will be as Google heads into its second decade: 
How much more of the Googleness may need be shed to continue the rockeitng success.