Google to go the way of Microsoft?


I picked up this interesting post today and in light of yesterday’s post about Google 10th Birthday seemed it seemed worth reposting.
Google’s stock price fell significantly yesterday with hints of an US Justice Department anti-trust investigation of the Yahoo deal. The article states:

“Even if the Justice Department backs off the Google-Yahoo deal, therefore–or Google fights the case and wins–the increased Justice Department focus will likely lead to:

  • greater scrutiny, especially as Google moves into new businesses
  • more complaints
  • more litigation (and litigation risk)
  • possible reputational backlash

With respect to the Google-Yahoo deal, moreover, Google continues to take a hard line, saying it intends to go ahead with the deal regardless of what the Justice Department does. This could be posturing, but we doubt it. (Puffing out your chest at this stage of the game isn’t the best way to win support). More likely, it means that, if challenged, Google intends to litigate.”

Where have I heard this before?

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