French Letter #5 - Corporate 'Jewish Mother' Syndrome

‘Allo ‘allo

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It was pointed out to me today that Howard Brown, the cashier plucked from obscurity to front Halifax Bank communications with the public has been dumped for being ‘too jolly‘. 
In these recessive times HBOS believes that their image should take on a more serious / sombre note. This sounds to me like ‘ don’t look so happy, we don’t want the neighbours to think we are not taking the situation seriously‘ that might have come from the mouths of my antecedents.
We know the bank will still make a profit, we know that times are tough and if the management of the bank cares to look back at all at history it will see that we have always needed and used humour when times have been at their most dire.
Come on Halifax, lighten up and remember rebuilding a brand is very expensive especially in times of hardship. 
Maybe the blog should have started ‘Oy vey, Oy vey’