Facebook is promoting promiscuity

thumb_white.gifFor the past few weeks there has been something about Facebook that has been gnawing at me. I have not been able to put my finger on it until today.

On a regular basis I get messages such as  ‘Find your target audience‘ as Facecorp (lets call FBs parent that) tries to persuade me to buy ad space as part of their monetization efforts. 
Today I started realising that I am getting fed ads that simply do not correlate with my profile. Facecorp knows I am in a relationship (and have been for 25 years and 2 days) but keeps targeting singles ads at me.
I like to think I can control my hormones however for the weaker (and more gullible) amongst us it could lead the unwary into life choices they may regret. Being recommended “ Boiler repair services” is one thing however the same can not be said for ‘ finding hot singles‘.
I am not moralistic about this, however it could give Facebook a tawdry image if not controlled.
Come on Facecorp you know enough about me to be smarter than this.

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I too have been noticing a preponderance of these ads lately. I've now been married for over 30 years, so like you I'm not very tempted. However, I live in a very remote rural area and I always wonder who these hot, single, distinctly eastern European ladies are that "live just two or three kilometers" away. There are only about 20 people under 60 within 10KM of my house, so I suppose someone is keeping these ladies hidden in a nearby barn just waiting for me to answer their ad. ;-)

The fact that these ads are appearing more and more probably means that many people are answering them and someone is making good money. The fact remains that when Facebook doesn't do a very good job of targeting ads based on your profile, then all the ads become just clutter that gets ignored.
Well I think you have just scraped the tip of the iceberg. If you take a deep look into what is happening on facebook, you will realize that there are a large number of inappropriately dressed men and women (age can be anything as long as you can sign up) who are being followed by an equal number of even less dressed men or women with offerings from friendship to raw sex (mostly the latter). Now what makes me wonder, as is also seen on a very large number of blogs, is that why are all these young women dressed in hardly any clothes with poses and facial expressions that compete with porn stars? I believe (and this is my personal opinion) that somewhere long the line, there is a desparate need to be befriended by anyone who is willing, to be seen at the most parties, to appear to be having the greatest time than anyone else. Friend count matters. Never mind that you dont know 80-90% of them. And what better way to attract attention than to get naked and appear totally available. Never mind that the WRONG type are being attracted. Never mind that your identity may be compromised at any time. No matter that you are willingly becoming a sitting duck for the any number of people who are looking for idiots like you. Are these people really so lonely? There are ADD ME groups, where you see a large number of idiots posting "ADD ME"! Add you to what? List of people that are looking to get molested? List of people available for Quick and easy sex? Potential porn star? Well actually a large number are indeed porn stars too, but thats a different case! So to conclude, the ads you see are there because a large majority of people out there are pretending to want just that.