European thoughts and need to continue to move forward

Its has been a few weeks since I last blogged. Its not that I have not wanted to but the amount of visits I have been making around Europe has simply meant when I have had those great ‘blogging thoughts’ its not been convenient to commit these to the net.

I have been seeking to find a thread that links the 7 or 8 countries I have visited. 
The economic situation is the obvious common cause but what has struck me is the desire to continue to innovate amongst all of the gloom we are faced with. 
Drawbridges are not being pulled up in a wholesale manner, yes there are delays and a general shrinkage of surplus staff, but there is no loss of desire to adopt and fully utilise new and evolving technologies in any of the countries I visited.
What we (the IT industry) are not doing right now is making compelling business cases. 
In many situations IT Management is looking at trimming its own costs and has generally become somewhat introverted. 
My manta has been to ‘reach out into other areas of the business’, and in the case of small businesses, ‘reach out to your customers and suppliers’ and work together to get the most out of technologies that can speed up business cycles, deliver business efficiencies (yes, cut costs) and prepare yourselves for the next wave of growth because as long as night follows day, day will follow night.
Optimism start here, starts now and will continue