Does the world really hate Lotus Notes?

thumb_white.gifI don’t believe so. I have been using it since (coughs) 1991 and though it can infuriate at times the spirit behind it (ie Collaboration) is the key component for me.

The trouble is that alongside the success and failures of Notes and Domino in recent years, end users are not being engaged with positive messages. I use Twitter Search (formerly Summize) to check the web zeitgiest on various subjects, today I ran this search and was shocked at the response. When you run it you will get the latest results that will be different from mine however the level of negativity on my search was depressing. 
Many of the most negative posts appear to come from poorly deployed installations, maybe end-users could be prompted via web 2.0 tech to brow-beat their support teams into getting some top flight skills in Orlando next January.
With Lotusphere 2009 website going live next week IBM could get a ‘Tweet 4 Notes’ campaign going to recruit some attendees and improve the product’s image, at least in the Twitosphere.

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No, Ian. I think the world loves to complain. As far as Lotus Notes is concerned, I run into folks that say they hate Notes as often as I run into users that say that they hate (insert product name here). (I even know Mac users that complain about their software. Shocking, I know.) In my experience it often comes down to a) no understanding of "What's in it for me?", or b) lack of training - management simply said here's your new tool How do we, the Notes community help fix this problem? I think we need to start by understanding the problem. Many years ago, Zig Ziglar taught me that most people never ever change their mind. They simply make new decisions when presented with new information. I've been able to show many a self-proclaimed Notes-hater new information -- a simple few things that they can do that will be personally beneficial to them -- and almost immediately they change their song about Lotus Notes. I've posted some thoughts on my Notes On Productivity blog at Eric
Try the same search for Microsoft Outlook. It ain't all love and devotion there, either! ;-)
I've been using Notes for five months now, and the impact on my productivity is frightening. So often I have to cool down or let off steam, and my concentration is broken. I don't keep business contacts any more, because it's so difficult to save them. If someone has more than one email address, I need separate entries in the address book (with a different name). If name appears in the to or cc box, what's that person's address? How do I find out? Who are the members of a group list? Etc, etc. Simply, if you want email, address books and calendars, Lotus Notes is absolute, lead-plated rubbish. If I move job, one of the questions at my next interview will be, "Do you use Lotus Notes?" If the answer is "yes", then it would have to be a really special job to make me take it - probably one where I have to power to bin Lotus Notes.
Dude, My Lotus Notes allows 5 e-mail addresses per contact. How many do you need? If I need a person's e-mail address that I see in a message I can get it by clicking reply all. If Notes showed the e-mail address instead of the name then you would complain that you cannot get their name.
Using Outlook or Googlemail is bliss at home compared to lotus notes at work. The latter simply never delivers what I need, even on a simple email task. One random example from today: attaching two old emails to a new one. Easy in Outlook, dreadful in notes. Frank: "If I need a person's e-mail address that I see in a message I can get it by clicking reply all." Yes, but I don't want to reply to all - in Outlook you simply right click on their name. Easy/Intuitive.