Collaboration and HR

If 2008 was the break-through year for social computing technologies, has their success created the potential for a new approach to collaboration. If so how will social computing will influence collaboration in 2009?

The trouble is there are gaps between1) How vendors perceive their products work. 2) The hope that IT Departments puts on products supporting their agenda. 3) The sheer bloody mindedness of users in adopting new working practices. 4) The reluctance of senior management to flattening organisations.  

Should you look to experiment with Web 2.0 technologies for internal collaboration, networking or knowledge management, deployment of a company-wide platform for networking and collaboration could be a impactful positive contribution in these straightened times. With staff morale a key factor to organisational stability in the current climate the champion for this should be HR. This link is worth forwarding to the Head of Personnel if you want to get them up to speed.