Cascade Failure

thumb_chapman_pincher.gif There’s a lot of talk about a flu pandemic happening this winter. Time for people to dust off their contingency plans and make sure that those people that either 1) shouldn’t come into the office, or 2) as the stats show (depending in which country the flu first breaks out) won’t come in because of the fear of catching it; can work from home. I’m not usually a scaremonger but this is the first year for a while I’ve been out of the public sector where flu jabs are given free. Just remember as a doctor said over Sunday lunch,

A cold happens overnight, flu get you in half an hour.

A pandemic, IF it happens, will creat a cascade of problems. So it’s worth thinking about how your IT will function even if no one else in the business takes the threat seriously.

INFLUENZA – the disease: Influenza (or ‘flu) is often considered a relatively benign disease, slightly worse than a cold. In fact, flu has killed millions. Following the famous 1918 outbreak more than 20 million people died. Every year, waves of influenza propagate around the world and we live in fear of a major and lethal type striking again.

INFLUENZA – the name: Influenza is Italian for “influence”, Latin: influentia. It used to be thought that the disease was caused by a bad influence from the heavens.