5 more tips for home working (what not to do)

thumb_white.gifAbout a month ago I came up with Top 5 tips for home working (what not to do). This week I have felt the muse again and arising from some more insightful self-analysis I have decided to commit these to a blog entry. I start these at number 6, just in case I ever get offered to turn the blog into a book (very unlikely). 

As with my first post in the interests of full disclosure I will rate myself for each one:

6) Semi-randomly download a widget or some piece of freeware that will help you become more efficient – fail

Widgets, freeware and gizmos are a bit like kitchen gadgets. These look terribly clever on Spiv TV (channel 1000001) but when you get them out of the box you realise that your expectations will not be met.

7) Spend time conceptualising (day dreaming) some maginficent Web 2.0 service that your teenage buddy who was one of the two first VCs in Google might like to fund – fail

I am gifted. I did not know that I was until I worked out that those around me seem to be making loads of money (family, friends and old buddies) and none of them have worked out the opportunity they are missing in not funding one of my bright ideas! My gift is that those around me make money – great….

8) Randomly create domain names in your browser address bar to see if they workfail

It is amazing what two nuns will do to get noticed on the internet, not to mention how disproportionate some people are! 

Stop it – you might go blind.

9) Watching too many episodes of Battlestar Galactica because you now say ‘Frak!’ when you stub your toe or a program crashesFail

Frak me, this fraking word has got inside my fraking head. Roll on the closing fraking season.

10) Twitch – Fail

Twitch – to pull aside a curtain or peer through a window to see what a neighbour is doing / who has driven past your house / watch and consider if the furniture delivery man is going to drop the poorly handled settee (and also note that the neighbour has no taste)

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