So Apple’s iPhone is coming out on Friday. The bad news, at least according to Jan Volzke, global marketing manager for McAfee Mobile Security, is that hackers are primed and ready to start attacking the new device. In an email I received earlier today he said:

It will be imperative for Apple to continue to analyse the inherent security risks with the iPhone architecture. As it grows in popularity, the iPhone will surely become an attractive target for hackers. With the OS X operating system and expansion of the iPhone into new global markets, Apple and its customers will need to implement best practices to avoid the latest malware techniques specifically targeted toward these types of smart mobile devices.

I guess the same is true of any new smartphone that comes to market. Come to think of it, my four year old Orange SPV may be at risk. Lucky companies like McAfee are looking out for me…for a small fee. Who says you can’t make money ourt of bad news.

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