iPad gets the iQuote treatment

It’s good to see that my InBox is filling with plenty of helpful advice from all sorts of industry pundits about what the iPad means:

  • “Informed Rejecters may appear to represent the ultimate marketing sweet spot for new mobile internet devices like the iPad but our research found that only 37% of this group find mobile internet useful.” – Intersperience Chief Executive Paul Hudson
  • “It is not just the obvious risk of prying eyes when consumers browse confidential corporate data on the bigger screen, there are other data leakage points to consider.” Alan Bentley, VP international at Lumension.
  • “The addition of iPad as a tested and approved platform will help ensure that AspectDSC remains first choice for energy and commodity professionals on the move.” AES CEO Steve Hughes.
  • As many home hunters currently use our iPhone App to search for properties to rent we decided to invest in the technology to make searching for a property even easier and faster with the release of the iPad. This should translate to even higher enquiries for our member firms.” Lettingweb.com’s, Marketing Manager, Richard Matthews,
  • “Nurses using tablets to fill out complicated patient admission forms filled with tiny fields prefer stylus-based tablets.. So will construction foremen wearing gloves or sporting dirty, greasy hands.” Nigel Owens, VP at tablet manufacturer Motion Computing.

Anymore really interesting insights? Please, please please get in touch.





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The iPad is a game changer. Whether you like it as a device, or not, it will change the way that future mobile devices are developed. Applications will create a business device out of a fun one. Can't wait for version 2 - that's when things will really hot up.

Powerpoint does not work well on iPad when migrated in via DropBox. Any suggestions for great presentation software for the device?