Why we should like teenagers in the digital age

Last week I met up with Don Tapscott, author of the bestseller, Wikinomics, to talk about hs new book “Grown-Up Digital”. Having been sent the PR material from the publisher I was a tad skeptical…basically Don’s premise is that teenagers are going to solve all the world’s problems like climate change and poverty – because they naturally collaborate digitally and share ideas on a global scale..


I’m usually the fuddy-duddy on the train who gets irate when the kids play music on the loadspeaker of their mobile phones, whilst texting and having a really noisy conversation about what’s going on on Facebook or showing their mates a YouTube vid.


While I don’t think it’s true for everyone – let’s face it, most teenagers are lay-abouts – having met the author, and started on the book, I think Don may be onto something here.

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