What do IT lawyers actually do?

In Computer Weekly, blogs and the press in general you often see quotes from various IT lawyers with tips or comments on recent cases or new legislation. However, how does that join up with the work that an IT lawyer actually does on a daily basis ? 

The typical IT lawyer’s work is a regular diet of advising upon IT related contracts, IT related terms and conditions (e.g. websites and data protection policies) and advising upon any disputes that arise out of IT contracts. There are also a whole range of other IT law specialist areas such as SLAs, Intellectual Property, domain names, encryption and data security, databases, cloud computing and open source code that will keep the IT lawyer occupied.

In the next few weeks and months I will share some of the general IT law problems and issues that typically come up from time to time in my daily working life as an Technology & IP Law partner in London at law firm Beachcroft LLP (www.beachcroft.com). I will share some of the legal and practical solutions that have been created and I hope that some of these solutions will come in useful when you are looking at your own IT systems and contracts.    

Jimmy http://www.beachcroft.co.uk/person.aspx?id_Content=1889

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